Maintaining the Beauty of Your Commercial Buildings

DFI coatings reduce building maintenance frequency and cost

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. What part of your store do customers see first? And the most? Your glass entrance doors. Of all the glass in storefronts and buildings, what takes the most abuse? Your glass entrance doors. With the daily deliveries, keys, rings and purses, graffiti, fingerprints and daily wear and tear, you will want to protect that first impression with Diamon-Fusion® protective coating.

Diamon-Fusion® makes glass surfaces (ie. windows, storefront, glass walls, splashbacks, entrance doors) impact and scratch resistant and easier to clean, so your investment in Diamon-Fusion® can help your buildings perform better and maintain their original beauty longer.  Diamon-Fusion® also resists graffiti, be it paint, acid etching or “scratchitti”, so discourages taggers from tarnishing that first impression and scaring customers away.

Protecting the glass with Diamon-Fusion® ensures longevity and reduces maintenance costs and frequency of cleanings. Diamon-Fusion® will also enhance the appearance of your storefront, entrance door or entire building.

Do You Want To Restore Your Damaged Glass to Like New Appearance?

The Building Beautiful™ Team can bring your windows back to their original beauty with Diamon-Fusion® protective coating and restoration services.

Diamon-Fusion® hydrophobic coating protects your building investment which can result in:

  • Protection From Water, Scratching and Other Environmental Damage
  • Less Frequent and Easier Cleaning
  • Graffiti Protection
  • No Need for Harsh Chemical Cleaners
  • Prevents Post Construction Damage
  • The Benefits of a Beautiful Building

Protect your first impression, enhance your property aesthetics and value, and save thousands of dollars in maintenance and even replacement costs by adding Diamon-Fusion® to your building or storefront.

Diamon-Fusion® Protective Coating Can Contribute to LEED Points – Click here for more information

Diamon-Fusion International is the first hydrophobic protective coating company to have its products specifically reviewed for compliance in association with USGBC’s LEED rating system to confirm how they can contribute in the following categories: Sustainable Sites, Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Materials and Resources.

“Recently, we’ve asked Dylan John from DFI to come and help with our glass. We were trying everything under the sun to get our glass looking better, but nothing was working. When Dylan showed us a few images and videos about the work, I was skeptical about his proposal. Then he did a demonstration and we were sold. Dylan and his team do nothing shy of a miracle in restoring glass back to an almost new state.

Dylan and his team were very communicative and persistent in making sure they kept to their promised schedule. I would strongly recommend Dylan and his team to anyone who is looking to restore their glass, regardless their use for personal or commercial. It’s been several months now since the completed project and we are still amazed by the finished product.
A big THANK YOU to Dylan and his DFI team.
Geoff Drake
Rooms Division Manager
Karma Kandara, Karma Resorts