Basic Clean

DFI’s Protective coatings are just like a top of the line sports cars. But just like a sports car you have to take care of your investment. When maintained properly they can last a lifetime.

BASIC CLEAN is highly concentrated biodegradable cleaning system for windows, mirrors and shower doors. BASIC CLEAN provides excellent slip and increased wetting but will not cause bleeding or allow squeegee chatter. There is no need for additional wetting agents.

BASIC CLEAN works on grease, outdoor pollution, even fire damaged glass, yet is safe and gentle on hands. For indoor use BASIC CLEAN leaves a clean, fresh scent and is safe for all painted, metal and vinly frames. BASIC CLEAN is PH neutral and will not contribute to glass corrosion. BASIC CLEAN may be used on any glass objects including chandeliers or plexi glass type surfaces. .

“I was out on a fishing charter in Whittier, Alaska and the captain had Diamon-Fusion® applied to the windshield of the vessel. There was a dramatic improvement in visibility and I can see how this would improve safety on my boat. I have a small fishing boat with approximately 10 square feet of windshield and I would like to apply one of your products to it.”Scott DuBrow Cedar Grove, New Jersey (USA)