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Patented Protective Coating That Makes Cleaning Surfaces Much Easier

  • Shower enclosures
  • Residential glass (windows, glass railings, art glass…)
  • Marine vessels and more

Clear-Fusion™ Pro

When it comes to cleaning your glass, the less time and effort spent, the better. That’s why you need Clear-Fusion™ Pro.

  • Less cleaning
  • Protection from mildew, soap scum, scratches and more

Glass Rescue™

For badly stained surfaces, DFI offers a professional-quality solution for water-damaged glass. Glass Rescue cleans and restores heavily stained surfaces, even those stained over long periods of time.

  • Lime scale
  • Calcium deposits
  • Soap scum


Over time, some surfaces inherently take more abuse than others and may be exposed to abrasion or potential damage from continual use. DFI protective coatings help maintain the beauty and functionality for much longer than untreated surfaces.

Restoration Powder

After years of use, some stains can become so deep, no matter how much you scrub the stains are impossible to remove. With Diamon-Fusion® Restoration Powder, you can restore and prepare surfaces for treatment, making the glass as good as when you first purchased it.

Basic Clean

DFI’s Protective coatings are just like top of the line sports cars. When maintained properly they can last a lifetime.